Why You Should (Seriously) Consider A Business Coach To Help You Grow Your Business

Whether you want to grow your profit, revenue, product range or market, the right business coach can be the trigger you need to achieve it. If you are wondering how you can afford the time and money for a coach, the real question to ask yourself is can you afford not to find the time and money?

With your buy-in and proactive attitude, and the right coach, there is no doubt that your business can grow.

A Business Coach can help you grow your business in a variety of ways but our favourite five are:

  1. Personal Growth – your business is you. If you are able to grow as a person, and in confidence, it stands to reason that your business will benefit. A good business coach will encourage you to take on new roles, move out of your comfort zone and learn new skills. You will be asked questions that may feel uncomfortable, and encourage you to rethink habits and familiar approaches.

  2. Clarity – to succeed and achieve growth, you need to be 100% focused on a clear vision and defined goals. A business coach will help you see where you need to focus your energy and time. You will gain perspective and clarity on where you want to take your business in achievable, yet challenging, steps. Whether this is on finances, strategy setting or a six-month plan, a business coach will help you define your goals.

  3. Accountability – suddenly you have someone who you are accountable to. A business coach will help you set goals, and make them SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted). Suddenly, as an SME owner, or manager, you have someone you have to “report” to, which will have a big impact on your determination to keep to plan.

  4. Problem Solving – we all need help with that occasionally and being a business owner or working at a senior level can be a lonely place. Having a peer who you can talk openly and honestly with when problems arise, can be a challenge in itself. A business coach not only has a wide knowledge base but a fantastic list of trusted and known experts who can be called on, as and when needed.

  5. Question – it sometimes takes that independent, fresh pair of eyes, to ask “why” and encourage hard decisions to be made. It’s not always about changing the status quo, but about being diligent in checking that it is the right status quo, for now, and the future growth path.

Working with a business coach will ensure you to work on your business, not just in it. You will spend time reviewing what has happened, and learn to plan ahead, whilst staying focused on clear, defined goals. That change alone is enough for growth to happen.But don't just trust anyone who says they are a Business Coach. Check out their qualifications, skills ans experience. You don't want to be investing your hard earned money who cannot prove their worth.

At Grow My Small Business we believe is quality and qualifications to back up our business credentials. Natalie is a qualified Business Coach and Mentor, and also a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, so you can be assured of someone who is skilled and competent at providing this service.

At Grow My Small Business we work with our clients to provide a bespoke business coaching service to help you grow. We help you to create management strategies and define plans and goals. If you would like to know more about what Business Coaching, and Grow My Small Business, can do for your business’s growth path, we would love to hear from you.​ Either give us call (01473 561023), or contact us via our email. We’d be happy to have a chat and discuss the best options to suit your needs.

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