Vehicle Graphics Solutions - Top 11 tips for vehicle branding

On the Road - A high - impact and low cost way to boost visibility

You don't need to be an expert at Internet marketing, PPC, Google Analytics or SEO. You just need to have a vehicle or fleet of vehicles and a little creativity.

How many people see your vehicle every day? If you spend any time driving to and from work, appointments, and even to social events, the answer is simple, LOTS!

Imagine how many possible customers you could influence with your vehicle branded for your business!

How many people who may never otherwise hear of you would learn about your business while they sit in traffic, or as they walk past you on the street? And if they've heard of your business, how much more could this branding elevate you to the top of the minds?

Now I know what you may be thinking. That sounds a little over-the-top. Why? if you properly brand your vehicles, you'll turn heads and get noticed. Isn't that one of your biggest day-to-day challenges? Besides, if everybody did it, you wouldn't exactly stand out, would you. But the good news is that very few businesses exploit excellent method for getting the word out about their business.

Here are our top tips for vehicle branding:

  1. Here is the most important thing - Make it look amazing. If you want to create an impression that pays off, the design has to be stunning. Bright colours work well at attracting the eye. But you must maintain consistency with your corporate brand, including of course your key colours.

  2. One of the most memorable branded vehicles we have seen was for a pest controller, it was a full camouflage wrap with all of the types of critters they "treat". It was unexpected and gained lots of attention.

  3. The other most important part of vehicle branding is to make your business clear. Too many people don't think through how their cars will look to other drivers and pedestrians. They include small letters and logos that are difficult to read. If people have to work hard to get the message. They won't.

  4. Use your imagination. Think of it like an advert in a magazine. Tell people the BENEFITS of using you, not just your business name or logo. How much better would "The Best Carpet Cleaner in Ipswich " be as opposed to "AD Thomson Carpet Cleaners"?

  5. Choose a professional to install the graphics.

  6. Include a website URL that's easy to remember and a phone number. You may also want to include your email address.

  7. One more point: if you choose to brand your vehicle, it represents you everywhere it goes and everywhere it sits. Remember that in how you drive and how clean you keep it!

  8. Be creative, be clear, be memorable and be easy to contact. One of the smartest marketing decisions you ever make could be parked right outside.

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