Trade Shows & Exhibitions

How to get the most out of Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Exhibitions and trade shows can be a great way to market your business to a new set of customers as well as network with other businesses. Seeing as it’s more likely that you will find success if you have a plan and a strategy in place before you attend an exhibition or trade show, here are a few tips on how to get the most out of the experience.

Letting people know that you’re attending the exhibition is a good first step towards making your day successful. Existing customers might want to come along and see what else you have to offer, and if you have a website or a newsletter this is a great way to reach people; send them an invitation or simply send them the details of the event. Social media is a fantastic way to market as there are so many opportunities for expanding your customer base, as well as offering another way to reach existing ones. Promote your attendance on social media leading up to the event so that people are reminded that you will be attending which may prompt them to go too. If the event is present on social media, then you could try inviting your followers through social media so they can find out more about the event for themselves. If you are able to get an attendee list before the event, then this could help you to identify any particular people you wish to approach.

Take another look at your website, making sure it’s all up to date, so that when people are directed to your website from the trade show or exhibition, they are taken to a place that shows them more about your company, making it clear who you are and what you do. As well as this, make sure that all of your marketing material (such as your business cards and flyers) is up to date too, containing all the current information about your business that you want people to know.

Ensure that the process of getting to know your products or services and purchasing them will be smooth and simple on the day. Consider offering samples of products if your company offers products or use contests to attract people to your stand or area. Contests will allow you to gather contact information of the attendees meaning you can then contact them afterwards regarding your business.

When it comes to attracting customers to your display, first impressions do count. You will want to ensure that you stand out from the other exhibitors attending, bearing in mind what you want people looking at your stand to think or feel. Having a visually appealing stand or area will help you to stand out and attract customers. Show clearly what you are promoting, using your brand’s logo and slogan and using the same colours and font that you use on your brand, showing off your brand’s uniqueness.

Make sure that you and your team are prepared to answer questions and that these answers are as informative as possible. Have a set of informative statements, ideas and key messages ready that you wish to put forward and try to incorporate these into conversations with attendees.

Engage with your potential customers at the show. It is important that you come across as friendly and approachable without being too pushy. If potential customers feel pressured or you are too intrusive when you are talking to them, this could drive them away. You will want them to feel comfortable both approaching and interacting with you. It’s best not to sit down or look disinterested; make it clear that you and your staff are the person or people to talk to if anyone wishes to approach your stand. It will enhance the likelihood of custom if you speak to people kindly, being friendly and listening to what they have to say, so they feel valued as a customer. Make general conversation with people and don’t push a sales pitch too hard and try your best to make them feel at ease. Be interested in their comments and engage in a conversation.

Collect information from the people that you interact with so that you can follow up potential clients after the exhibition. The best way to remind people of your business is to follow them up soon after they have met you, so your brand is fresh in their mind and so that people haven’t forgotten you and any connections you may have made.

If you are planning to exhibit at a Business Exhibition and want advice to ensure you get the most for your business on the day drop us a line and we'll be happy to help.

To sum up: make your presence known, be friendly and informative, and follow up your leads!

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