Photos and Virtual Tours - How to Influence Potential Customers

Get visual - A picture is worth a thousand words

The way to influence potential buyers has changed. There are so many opportunities afforded by both web and print. But to experience them you have to take advantage of them. You have to work hard, but mostly smart, to shape buyer perception at every opportunity. There's a powerful way of doing this that's becoming more and more important all the time. But for some reason, many small businesses just aren't doing it.

You know that people buy people? Of course you do. So why is it so hard to find good pictures of the people behind most businesses. They don't feature on the company's website, or on their stationery. They're not in the adverts or literature - and it's a big mistake. On Twitter and Facebook so many business people are using last year's holiday snapshot as their photo.

It's so easy to get great photos today. And more than ever before, imagery and visual appeal are critical to getting and keeping customers engaged. Look at the proliferation og magazines like OK! and Hello. They are virtually full of photos. Society loves seeing other people. And, in business, photos go a long way to getting people engaged. I mean, what's more interesting, a logo or a photo of a team of happy people?

Help them give you their business

Customers don't want to take risks. They want to be comfortable with their purchasing decisions. If they don't feel good about buying from you, they'll go some where else. Photos go a long way to establishing this comfort level.

A great way to build trust is to use photos of your staff on your website and in marketing materials. It helps buyers let down their guard and decide to give you business.

Having photos on your Google Places site is extremely important and can differentiate you in important ways. Pictures of your products, your people, your customers, your premises, and the surrounding area can be very beneficial. You can even have a virtual photo and video tour on your business website.

In Ipswich we have access to a great local virtual tour photographer. Carl Lamb of AmbientLight, Suffolk's licensed Google Business Photographer, who is able to provide a great 360 degree tour of your business premises.

But don't stop there. Include photos on your facebook business page. Give people a sense of what you are all about and help them to want to do business with you.

But be careful. Your photos must be good quality - and that means professionally taken. lighting matters. The background matters. So focus upon quality please.

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