Grow Your Business with a Virtual Tour

google virtual tours

Step inside - enter the world of virtual tours

Virtual tours are a compelling way to give prospective customers a feel for your business right on their laptop or smartphone. Widely used by businesses like restaurants, cafes, tourist attractions, showrooms, salons, wedding and conference venues, galleries etc., virtual tours are suited in fact to any business which has customers walking through its doors.

The best way to get a virtual tour is through a company that offers Google Maps Business View virtual tours. Only trained and authorised “Google Trusted Photographers” can create virtual tours and upload them to Google Maps.

They use special cameras and software to create 360-degree, interactive tours of a business’s interior, which are then integrated right into Google Maps to make them highly visible to people when they search for your business – they can click straight through from Google into the interior of your premises!

You can also embed your virtual tour into your own website and Facebook page, and link directly to it in emails or via social networks such as Twitter.

Photographing the tour takes from 1-2 hours depending on the size of your premises, and is best done outside normal working hours. As an additional advantage, additional photographs taken during a shoot can be selected to appear on your Google+ local business page, and can also be used in other online promotional activities.

We think it won’t be long before most businesses start to make use of this service, so why not act now and enjoy an edge over your competition? Google are promoting virtual tours because they believe it will be integral part of the future of online marketing, and it would take a brave person to bet against Google!

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