Grow Your Business with a Virtual Office

working from home, having a virtual office

Virtually There – Offering Instant Credibility for your Business

Most people know the advantages of working from home even if they’ve never done it – the flexibility, no commuting, no office politics, and full-time access to free coffee and the contents of your fridge. Fantastic.

However if you base your business at home one drawback is the lack of an office address; let’s face it having “2a Buttercup Drive” on your business card can be a bit of a dent in your credibility as a professional organisation. It might not make or break you long-term, but it could make potential clients think twice if they perceive you as a “spare room” business.

A simple and affordable solution is a virtual office – for a small monthly fee you can use a local business centre as your office address and have business mail sent there. Your business card (and website and all marketing materials) can then boast the professional address of a Business Centre - this immediately boosts the credibility of your business to everyone you do business with.

As well as the business address a virtual office service also provides a range of additional services perfect for based-at-home businesses, such as call-handling and message-taking, networking opportunities and access to an online portal for advice and information.

Plus for those occasions when you need to arrange a face-to-face meeting with a client, prospect or potential business partner, you have free use of the smart breakout area within the Centre, with full meeting rooms and facilities available at low prices should you need them. No more trying to do deals over the kitchen table or in the local cafe.

If and when you decide you need to break out from the home environment, you caould also upgrade to one of the Centre’s fully-managed offices without changing your address or phone number, and without the commitment to a long lease that most offices require.

Business Centres are located across the country, so whether your business is based, check out those near to you, and maybe make a virtual office part of your business growth plan.

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