Digital Media Marketing

Whatever the area of business you are in, it is now widely accepted that digital media must now play a major part of your overall marketing strategy.  At Grow My Small Business we offer a consultancy service that helps you to embrace digital media and make it work for you, simply and affordable.

We offer a consultancy service to businesses like yours to provide you with objective help in understanding the ways in which you can plan to develop your business online. We will work with you to develop and implement a digital marketing strategy, focused on identifying opportunities to help your business to grow.


Digital media is used both internally, among colleagues, and externally to portray your business image to the outside world, and encompasses anything that your business does online. It includes:


Email – are all staff communicating using the same ‘voice’?


Website – does this convey a true picture of your business? Is it easy to navigate; do visitors find what they want? Do visitors contact you for more information? Do you have access to analytics that help you to understand website visitors’ behaviour?


Social media – do you have an online ‘personality’? Do you post information regularly? Are you using the correct platforms for your business? Do you treat social media as a two-way conversation?


Digital advertising and email marketing – do you have a dedicated budget? are you using this effectively?


Our consultancy service will help you to assess and align your online communications strategy and to create a set of standards for your company’s digital media.


For more information or an informal chat about how we can help you or your business, call 01473 561023, email

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'Natalie's knowledge of marketing both online and offline are impressive and she ties her advice together with a fantastic network of contacts so if you want to get your message out there, she'll know how!'


Sam Parnell, Measured Brilliance