Content Creation 

Content is king - fact. Having a website rich in content will generate interest and help attract potential new clients. But content can only help grow your business if the message you are sharing is relevant, up to date, and of use to the reader.


It's not enough to simply build a website for your business, and expect people to find you online. A high street shop has to regularly update its stock to keep its customers coming back, and to attract new customers with a regularly updated window display. The same applies to your website. You need to regularly review your website, add new content, refresh the home page, otherwise your customers - and Google - will think you have closed up shop and gone away.

New content, and updated content, that is rich in and engaging, which is relevant to your business, and of interest to your audience, will be valued by Google and will improve your SEO, helping your customers find you more easily when searching online.

But let's face it, not everyone is a wordsmith. So if the thought of adding regular content to your website, or creating content for your newsletter fills you with dread, then panic not. At Grow My Small Business we are experienced in providing content for websites and newsletters


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'Natalie gave advice about updating my Reiki, sugaring, and tinting website and aligning this to the Niroshini brand as part of a wider marketing strategy. This update was made and we now have Niroshini Holistic Health and Beauty as the “sister site” to Niroshini Cosmetic Acupuncture. Doing this has simply heightened brand awareness of Niroshini and has helped to reinforce a consistent message to our customers. '

Melissa Day, Niroshini