Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring aren’t quite the same but both can improve resilience and help you and your business face current challenges or those that lie ahead.  


With first-hand experience of leadership and management, we understand how tough it can be to navigate those challenges with confidence while fulfilling the responsibility you feel for your organisation and team.

As a qualified CIPD accredited HR professional, Natalie is also a fully qualified Business Coach and Mentor, and is a Fellow of the the Institute of Leadership and Management. Her qualifications and experiences mean that she is able to offer pragmatic and most importantly, tailored advice, that empowers you to help your small business flourish.

If you are not sure that coaching and mentoring are right for you, or you are not sure about a long term commitment at this stage, why not book into one of our half day workshops. Natalie will work with you to get the core issues you are looking to address, and you'll leave with an action plan you can into effect straight away.  

Or if you are considering a longer term monthly coaching or mentoring session, email Natalie at or complete our online enquiry from and we'll get back to you.

'Natalie and I have been working together for several months now. She has provided me with invaluable guidance for my business. She has encouraged me to take a step back and really look at the core strengths and future direction of the business. As a business owner it can be very lonely at times but she has helped me refocus, she has been and continues to be my guiding light.

Claudette Worley, Energie Solutions

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