Career Coaching and Mentoring

What is career coaching?

Career coaching is all about helping you find job satisfaction. Whether you’re struggling with changes at work, feel unfulfilled or just want to explore your options, a coach can give you the support and objectivity you need to achieve your ambitions.

How can a career coach help me?

A career coach will help you focus on your goals, navigate challenges and guide you towards a career that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.  

Work affects us all in different ways and while some thrive on pressure, for others it’s a trigger for poor physical and mental health.

We spend an average of 39 years at work – that’s too long to be unhappy. Despite this, the latest CIPD figures show that 25% of workers feel exhausted, miserable and under extreme pressure. But, perhaps it’s no surprise when you realise that 1 in 4 employees do 10 or more hours of overtime a week, while the average commute is just under 4 hours.

But work doesn’t have to be a daily grind and you shouldn’t dread Monday mornings. A career coach offers perspective and can help you take practical steps towards change.

What to discuss with a career coach?

Coaching programmes aren’t about telling you what you should do – it’s about giving you the insight, skills and objectivity that enable you to make your own career decisions. With that in mind, sessions are designed around you and the challenges and dilemmas you’re facing. Your coach will help you:

  • Understand why you’re at a crossroads in your current career – sometimes we simply don’t know what we want, we just know the current situation isn’t right. Whether it’s your line manager, specific elements of your job or the organisation you work for, a career coach can help you sift through your feelings and get to grips with what it is that’s making you feel unfulfilled.

  • Clarify your goals and set realistic ambitions – we all have dreams but switching from accountant to astronaut probably isn’t going to happen no matter how much you want it to. A good career coach will help you set realistic goals that you can accomplish using the skills you’ve learned while helping you identify new avenues to pursue – for example taking further qualifications or interning to gain experience.

  • Take practical steps to fulfilment – your career coach will help you set a path that will support you achieve your ideal job.


How do I find a career change coach near me?

Career coaches work in a variety of ways – in person sessions, Skype and telephone so the right coach for you doesn’t have to be on your doorstep. What’s important is finding a coach that you can be honest with and who has enough experience of their own to understand how to navigate the challenges you face.

At Grow My Small Business, career coach Natalie has a Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and a Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership Mentoring and Coaching. Natalie also has director level experience in operational management and business development giving her valuable insight into commercial practises which is reflected in her pragmatic advice.

Are career coach services for me?

It’s easy to think of career coaching as something only top-level executives do. It also feels like something people only do when they face drastic change like redundancy; but career coaching is for everybody regardless of what stage they’re at, including whether you’re:

  • A student coming to the end of your studies but aren’t quite sure what to do next. A career coach can help you reinforce your ambitions or guide you towards options you hadn’t thought of.

  • Going back to work after a long break such as caring for a family member or returning from maternity leave. The world of work moves quickly and it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed or trapped. A career coach can help you break the mould and explore alternatives.

  • Looking to improve your leadership skills because you’ve recently been promoted or simply to brush up on new techniques and theories.

  • Wanting to set up your own business and need practical guidance.


Career coaching isn’t just about helping you make big career changes; it can also help you strengthen and develop skills you already have – think of it as an MOT for your career. With this in mind, a career coach can also help with:

  • Developing the skills to effectively job search.

  • Interview skills and assessment centres.

  • CV writing.

  • Confidence building.


For an informal chat about how you can benefit from our coaching services, call us on 01473 561023, email:

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