Business Coaching and Mentoring

What can a business coach do for me?

Business coaching focuses on certain abilities that you want to improve or goals that you want to achieve. Whether you’re looking to hone your communication skills or boost sales with an effective social media marketing campaign, a business coach can help you identify the steps you need to take in order to make those goals happen.

But it’s not just about perfecting the finer details. A business coach for established businesses or start-ups can provide valuable insight when it comes to clarifying your over-arching vision because it’s all too easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when you’re managing everything else too.

A business coach is a little like a critical friend – there to support you but give you a gentle nudge when it comes to facing a few home truths. You can expect a business coach to:

  • Focus on your business and provide advice that’s bespoke to your organisation.

  • Offer an objective view, challenge current practises and offer solutions where appropriate.

  • Look at your business’ strengths and weaknesses to help you build on its assets as well as identifying potential challenges and how to tackle them.

How is business mentoring different from a business coach and consulting?

Mentoring is about giving you the confidence, expertise and knowledge to carve out your own success – similar to the relationship between an apprentice and the person they’re apprenticed to.  

Like an apprenticeship, mentoring is typically a longer-term arrangement compared to business coaching and is based on mutual respect and trust. Some of the areas a mentor can help you with include:

  • Identifying and focusing on your goals so you can achieve them.

  • Improving your resilience by sharing coping techniques to help you overcome difficult situations.

  • Increasing confidence by breaking down the barriers that may be subconsciously holding you back.


Is business coaching worth it?

Whether you choose to be coached or mentored, the right relationship is crucial to success. It’s also vital to ensure your coach or mentor is qualified not just with experience but has the ability and training to advise and help implement achievable goals.

Any tasks should be clearly set out, have a time frame for completion and have feedback provided. Remember, coaching and mentoring is a two-way relationship, you should feel a sense of on-going achievement and be able to have open and honest discussions with your coach or mentor.

You should also share any expectations you have. A good coach or mentor will take these into consideration and will work with you to ensure the goals you set are realistic but aspirational.

No matter what the ambition, the focus should always be on continuous improvement, fresh perspectives and delivering effective change – here’s how some previous clients feel in their own words:

"During my time working with Natalie she mentored me and taught me valuable skills about writing online and online marketing which I have taken with me into other roles." Jazelle Johnson, Marketing Executive, Go Ape

"Natalie is highly professional and personable. She manages to achieve in getting the best from your business and combining it with the business platforms that she is providing. She is detailed and clear with her presentations, researching all avenues of your business to give you the best service.Lynn Turner, Owner of Cake and Catwalk

"I have used the skills and knowledge I gained from my time being coached, to good effect, such that my business already has good systems in place, which enable me to monitor the performance of my business, plan ahead, and to identify early the areas that need attention. Andy Smith, The Skills Centre

What does business coaching or mentoring cost?

Cost is always an important factor when it comes to business decisions. Just as investing in new equipment is essential in keeping your business up and running, it’s equally important to invest in yourself and your team.

A good business coach and mentor programme will equip you with enduring skills that you can use throughout your career and in any role.

All programmes are bespoke and designed around your own specific needs and goals which makes it difficult to benchmark an average cost.

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